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10 months ago
Thank you, Twin Cities NaNoWriMo superheroes, for another November full of plot twists, great conversations, and inventive organizing.

See you at the TGIO party, and keep coming back to our calendar as we post year-round write-ins!
10 months ago
Yesterday (November 18th), our novelist count was 1600 and this morning it is 1603. Welcome!

Thank-You to all the people creating the alternative Come Write-Ins throughout the area. We are supporting local businesses, each other, and our ourselves.
12 months ago
Welcome to NaNo 2017! We are here with two new Municipal Liaisons, including margiepearl who represents the great city of St Paul!

This year's theme is Superpowered Noveling, which is business per usual here in the Twin Cities.
almost 2 years ago
Hello everyone!

A reminder that the kick off party will be this evening at the Nicolett Diner at 6pm! We hope to see you there, and are bringing stickers, good conversation and lots of encouragement!

Less than 36 hours to go until the season starts!
almost 2 years ago
Welcome back, returning NaNo enthusiasts, and a warm welcome to everyone who's trying out NaNoWriMo for the first time! Thanks to our great DIY community, our write-in calendar is already full of great opportunities to get writing done in November.

Special thanks to all the libraries and nonprofits in the area who are participating in Come Write In. If you would like to add an event to our calendar, just drop by the "Events - 2016" thread.

Write-in events include some prep opportunities both structured and unstructured. Check out the calendar! And once more, welcome to the wordiest month of the year!
almost 2 years ago
Welcome back everyone!

It's time to start thinking about what you are going to write this November (no pressure you don't have to decide yet, you have until Nov 29th to pin it down).
almost 3 years ago
Today is always a bittersweet day - though one of my favorites of the month.

There will be expected victories (like one of the MLs finally validating her word count ;) ), and there will be unexpected victories, people who thought they were behind who pull out the win in the end.

Whether you wrote 500 words, 5,000 words or 50,000 words and above, you have succeeded this month. You have more words than you started with, and you partook of an adventure not many are willing to try.

No matter what you did - I hope to see you at the TGIO this coming Friday!

Now, with t-minus 15 hours until the end of NaNoWriMo for this region (unless you have procured a Time Turner, which, if so, please share), I have only two words for you.

Keep Writing!!
almost 3 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving!

No matter what you are doing and getting up to today - I hope that you have an excellent day, and spend it fruitfully writing, with family, or friends, or enjoy the day!

(Work might be keeping me from writing, at least for the moment, but I shall persevere!)
almost 3 years ago
Final Stretch, what Final Stretch?

We still have a glorious eight days to go!

How are you doing NaNoers? Is your novel fighting you for every single word? Or has it picked up it's skirts and started a desperate sprint in a different direction? (That might be just me.)

In the spirit of giving - don't forget to grab your halo if you get a chance! There are also dozens of opportunities for procrastination (not that we need encouragement doing that), as well as writing suggestions, recommendations and if anyone needs help naming characters (again that might just be me), check out the forums outside of our lovely region!

And as one last reminder, please back up your novel, and happy NaNoing!
almost 3 years ago
Week three is away!

Goodness gracious, where has the first half of the month gone?

I have no idea, but I am here to issue you a very important reminder -

Back up your novel!

Whether it is via email, thumb drive, google docs, one note, evernote, or something in between, please make sure there is a redundant copy of your novel somewhere!
almost 3 years ago
Dear amazing, wonderful (and sometimes sass) Wrimos!

We are one third of the way through the month! Are you horrified? Are you excited? Are you wishing that you had never started this ridiculous adventure?

Rest assured, we are with you!

There's a thread on the forums about avoiding novel burn out - if you're feeling it, check it out for some tips (and great recommendations from fellow Wrimos)!

Lastly, with almost (or more!) than 20,000 words under your belt, this is a reminder to back up your work! Whether it is to email it to yourself, put it on a flash drive, dump it on a google doc, One Note, or other option, make sure to save those wonderful words!

The halfway point is on the horizon!
almost 3 years ago
Salutations and good morning Wrimos!!

(Yes, I am absolutely faking being this awake on a weekend day at 10:30)

As a reminder, today is Double-Up Donation Day! If you make a donation to NaNo today, you get the goodies (if you want them), from the step above your current level!

Example - If you choose to donate $25 (and earn your halo!) today, you get the goodies for what is normally the $50 donation!

Pretty awesome, huh?

Good luck and keep writing!
almost 3 years ago
Remember remember, the fifth of November!

(I'm a V for Vendetta fan what can I say!)

Speaking of remembering, v_clortho brought up backing up your novels! As we reach for those first landmarks, whether it is 5,000, 10,000 or more, make sure you are saving copies of your novel so you keep those precious words you have written/typed/transcribed!

Happy NaNo-ing dear valiant word warriors! Onward to the next landmark goal!
almost 3 years ago
It is officially November 1st NaNoers!

Make sure to check out the daily threads that are created each day (maybe even by you!), to chat with your fellow Wrimos and don't forget!

If you have a write-in that you want to add to the calendar, please post it in the events page, so that way we can add it to the calendar for you!

Good luck and happy writing Wrimos!
almost 3 years ago
T-Minus just over three hours!!

(Who else is screaming internally with me here, come on, admit it...)

Are you ready?
almost 3 years ago
Hello pantsers, plotters, and everyone inbetween!

Are you ready to write?!

We are less than 72 hours away from our kickoff for National Novel Writing Month! Are you nervous? Are you excited? Are you a mixture of emotions that may also include fear, terror, delight and glee?

Excellent, then you are in the same boat as the rest of us!

There will be a write-in on the 31st of October to kick off November in style at IHOP, and we'd love to see you there!
almost 3 years ago
Hello writers!

Welcome back to another year of fun with words. We are looking forward to another year of wild enthusiasm, plot twists and characters getting into trouble.

Please welcome LazyLaura87, our newest vic... I mean our fellow ML.
almost 4 years ago
We're in the final push to the end of November. If you've won already, congratulations. If you still have words to write, keep at it.

This is the exciting time when miracles happen and people come from behind to finish just in time.

And remember that all the words you wrote this month are words you didn't have before. That means they can be edited, added to, and shown to your friends and family.
almost 4 years ago
Help Wanted

If any of you are thinking you might like to be ML, we would be happy to tell you all about it. We would like at least one more cat herder for next year.
almost 4 years ago
It is the end of week one! Yea!

And we are about to head into week two. Now don't get discouraged. Just because the adrenaline rush is beginning to wear off doesn't mean you won't find interesting ways to get through the tough parts. Besides, we are here to help.

Saturday is the Double Up Donation Day. Find a way to double your commitment to this crazy thing we do. Double your time writing, double your word count or double your donation. Also remember that Saturday is the first of our regional writing tours, a great way to increase your word count. If you've already donated, consider donating in someone else's name so they can wear a halo too.
almost 4 years ago
Welcome back all you wonderful writers.

The site has been reset, but you'll notice that some threads have been preserved. Mostly they are the threads that people have actually posted in recently. A big thank you to the fine folks at the office for that.

First let me introduce our new ML: Aurora17. Aurora has been a writer with us for several years and hosts the Highly Moderated Write-In at the Minneapolis Central Library on Sundays.

We thank Gwenn for her service as ML.

We have some big events coming: Kick off, Count Down to Midnight, Writing Tours, etc. All will be announced as soon as we have enough of the details nailed down. We are looking forward to another crazy November full of words.
almost 5 years ago
Congratulations everyone. We all survived yet another wild adventure. I'm so happy to see so many purple bars this morning. I'm even happier to see that rapid increase in our region's word count over the last two days. It's just amazing what we can.

Don't worry if you didn't make it to 50,000. That's just a random number. You wrote. That's the important thing. You have more words now than you did on Nov. 1. Go now and enjoy them. Enjoy the holidays, your friends and family. But come back on Dec 3rd for the TGIO.

Also remember, the calendar is open all year long. We don't have to disappear into the fog only to meet again next November. We can keep this going (though at a saner pace) all through the year.
almost 5 years ago
Welcome to the second weekend of NaNoWriMo. Much writing has been done and word (good or otherwise) have been written. Which means it's probably time to back up your novel.

Back up you novel.

One more time - Back up your novel.

You don't want to be the one with the sob story about how something happened and your entire novel went poof.
almost 5 years ago
It's go time. Let the words flow freely. Think less, type more. You can worry about logical progressions later. This is the wild madness of NaNo.

Good Luck and Happy Writing to all.
almost 5 years ago
We are just a few short days from the beginning of November - can you feel that? That buzzing feeling inside you, barely constrained? That's your imagination, firing up for an amazing, creative NaNoWriMo. Bzzzzzzzzzzz!
about 5 years ago
Welcome back all you fabulous writers.

It's still a little early - they won't reset the site until October - but since I've seen some of you posting already I set up the annual introductions and events threads. Feel free to start posting, these threads will survive the site reset.

we're looking forward to another great season of writing with all of you.

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