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2 months ago
Missoula Write ins:

All of these run from 2:30pm to 4:45pm Sunday in the Large Meeting Room in the lower floor of the Missoula Public Library, across from Web Alley

10/28/18 Kick off party!
11/4/18 Write In
11/11/18 Write In
11/1818 Write In
11/25/18 Write In
12/2/18 TGIO Party

See you there!

11 months ago
Staff Appreciation Day!

Forwarding this message:

Hi everyone,

Like the past few years we've once again decided to organize a Staff Appreciation Day. This year it will take place on Wednesday November the 29th.

The staff and mods works so very hard, both during November and beyond, that they too deserve a day to be appreciated and celebrated. The goal is to combine our efforts and let them know just how much we appreciate everything they do and how much NaNo means to us.

To keep all the messages centralized, so the staff won't have to visit ever regional forum, as always there will be one thank you thread posted in the "All-Ages Coffeehouse" and also one in the "Site & Message Board Feedback & Suggestions" forums.

We will also be using the hashtag #nanostaffrules on Twitter.

If we work together, we can get a lot of people to participate and give the staff a nice day of thanks.

Like previous years, we are trying to surprise them, so please if we can keep this a secret until Wednesday, that would be great. :)

Thank you!

Soraya - Elyndra
about 1 year ago
The calendar has been updated to include dates for Missoula write-ins! These are unofficial events and someone will need to show up a little bit early to sign in and get the room opened up.
almost 2 years ago
If you haven't already seen all the reminders floating around. This is your official Montana reminder to BACK UP YOUR NOVEL! Put it on a flash-drive, fire-proof safe, in the cloud - whatever! Save everywhere and often! :) -Mrs. B
almost 2 years ago
We're live!

You can update your word count via the dashboard (under My NaNoWriMo) or via the header menu (top of the page). Update regularly for great stats on your progress including my personal favorite: "Words Per Day To Finish On Time"

Happy writing!
almost 2 years ago
Finally got the calendar updated! Check out writing dates below. If you want to add something to the calendar, send me a NaNoMail. -Mrs. B
almost 2 years ago
Have you checked out the new NaNo Prep section of the website yet? You'll find tons of articles with tips and tricks for prepping for NaNo along with writing events and workshops to help get you ready. It's pretty awesome. - Mrs. B
about 2 years ago
It's happening folks! NaNoWriMo 2016 is just a couple short weeks away! Introduce yourself on the forums below and feel free to message one of the friendly neighborhood MLs if you have questions! - Mrs. B
almost 3 years ago
It's Back Up Your Novel day so BACK UP YOUR NOVEL!
almost 3 years ago
Thank you to everyone in our region who has donated on Donation Day! It's not too late to receive the $50 donor goodies for a $25 donation. You’ll also be qualified to win the day’s grand prize until 12:00 AM PST.
almost 3 years ago
Start your engines!
almost 3 years ago
Kick-Off Parties!
Check out the calendar below for a Kick-Off Party near you!
about 3 years ago
Hello WriMos!
The annual site-wipe and change over for the new NaNo year will be happening in the next week. During that time don't be alarmed if certain parts of the website don't work or if forum posts mysteriously disappear.

Keep an eye out here for NaNo prep information and event dates for the November frenzy.

Mrs. B
about 3 years ago
Welcome Western Montana!

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