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17 days ago
IT'S OVER! Congratulations to all who wrote this month regardless of final word count. The act of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to tell even a portion of your story is an achievement to be proud of.

Your MLs: purplesage1859 and morganviolet
21 days ago

There are six members of our region who have exceeded 50,000 words (Congratulations!), many more who are closing in on that magic number (you can do it!), and others who are persevering despite uncooperative characters, wayward plot bunnies, and real life.

It's all good! No matter your word count, you have more words on paper/screen than you had on October 31. Maybe it's just a title, or a plot outline, or a synopsis of the story you want to tell ... it's still YOUR story.

Celebrate the experience, appreciate what you've accomplished to date, and keep writing!

Your MLs: purplesage1859 and morganviolet
26 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving to all our wonderful Wrimos in NV::Elsewhere.

Among other blessings to be thankful for this day (and every day), we are grateful that you are among us, that you have the ability to write, and that you share your creativity and enthusiasm with others.

Your MLs purplesage1859 and morganviolet
about 1 month ago
Hello Wrimos . . . we're 1/3 of the way through the month and our word count should be 16-17K. Don't worry if you're not there yet (I'm not either). Plenty of in person write-ins and virtual write-ins left. Let us know how you are doing in nanomail, on Facebook or in our Slack channel which is open 24/7.

Dee AKA purplesage1859

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