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11 months ago
What a FANTASTIC NaNoWriMo we’ve had locally this year, and it’s not over yet! On Sunday the 20th, more than 20 WriMos came out to take part in our All-Region Write-In inside the KC-97. We even had two from the Eugene/Lane County region! Look for photos in the thread on the forum about the write-in and on the Facebook page. We even made the evening news! You can read the story and watch the short video segment on KTVL’s website at

With just three days left, plenty of us (myself included) have little hope of reaching 50K words before midnight on December 1st. That DOES NOT mean we are off the hook though. I expect everyone to keep writing, including those on the other side of the spectrum who’ve already reached 50K. Our region is up over 2.5Million words total, and how cool would it be to see us try to push that to 3Million before the 1st?

Keep your eyes on all of our region channels over the next few days, because I’m going to try once again, to actually get us a TGIO party organized this year. It will be a wonderful way to see people you’ve met through NaNo one more time and celebrate your accomplishments, no matter what they are!

Keep writing, everyone. The finish line is in sight!
11 months ago
How’s your word count, Rogue Valley WriMos? Soaring ahead? Right on track? Waaaaay behind?

Reaching 50K words by the 30th may be the official way to win NaNoWriMo, but who’s really to say what’s more valuable? If you came out to a write-in for the first time this year, chances are you met at least one fellow local writer you didn’t know before. Can you put a value on that? And let’s say you end the month at 10K words on your story instead of 50K. All that means is that if you dedicate the next four months to writing, you could reach that 50K. If you sustained your commitment for the next year, you could have 120K words which would be a substantial first draft!

Tomorrow marks our half-way point in the month, and we still have lots of fun stuff coming up, most notably our All-Region Write-In inside the KC-97 Fuel Tanker Aircraft happening next Sunday, November 20th from 2:30 – 5:30 p.m. We’ve invited a number of our neighboring (and even some fairly far-flung) fellow regions to join us, and we have several out-of-town WriMos who are indeed coming. That makes this event an unofficial All-State Write-In of sorts. Woohoo for us!

Finally, as I type this, our region is closing in on 1.5 million words written! Think about that. NONE of those words existed before November 1st. Pardon my 90’s-speak, but that’s just BOMB-AWESOME! And no matter what portion of that came from your story, you can be proud to be a part of something so much bigger than any one of us!

Here’s to the second half of NaNoWriMo 2016, everyone!
about 1 year ago
HELLLOOOOO Rogue Valley WriMos!

Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2016! If you’re new to NaNoWriMo, or new to our region, then let me extend an extra special welcome to you. If you’ve participated with us in previous years, you may remember coming out to an October Plotting Party in Grants Pass or Ashland and/or attending an All-Region Write-In event inside the KC-97 Fuel Tanker aircraft at the Medford/Jackson County airport. You’ll be excited to hear we’ve scheduled all of these events again this year, not to mention plenty of local, weekly write-in events, no matter which city in our region you call home. Keep your eyes on the forum below in this “local lounge” as well as on our Facebook page (for those who use Facebook) for updates and more information about local write-ins and other NaNoWriMo events!

I’m Juliet (a.k.a. “lockwood5” here on, your friendly neighborhood M.L. (municipal liaison). Being M.L. for the Rogue Valley means I take responsibility for coordinating everything we need to have a fantastic NaNoWriMo. Luckily, I don’t do it all alone, but have help from many bomb-awesome Hub Coordinators who live in various cities around our gigantic region. I’ll be naming them and thanking them in our regional forum below, so be sure to tune in and come back to this page often to get the scoop.

Getting down to the business of writing, remember that, by the rules of NaNoWriMo, we’re not allowed to begin writing our novels themselves until 12:00 a.m. on November 1st. To avoid pacing and stewing and biting our nails until then, I recommend updating your author page here on the site and announcing your 2016 novel. Don’t have an idea yet? That’s fine. The main forum has lots of ideas for brainstorming and inspiration, and if you come out to one of our region plotting parties, you can gain even more from the dynamic atmosphere that develops whenever writers gather together.

That’s also why attending write-ins in November makes all the difference in meeting that lofty 50K-word goal. If you’ve never experienced the inspiration and synergistic creativity generated by groups of writers, you really don’t know what you’re missing. I say it every year. We have soooo many members in our region who we NEVER meet. I just checked and 900+ WriMos have selected the Rogue Valley Region as their home on Yet, in the past nine years that I’ve participated locally, I’ve probably only met 50 or 60 of you. Each year, we order 150 – 200 stickers from NaNoWriMo HQ. Invariably, we have so many left over at the end of the month. We should be running out of stickers. We should be packing that KC-97 to capacity! I don’t know how else to appeal to all of you reclusive WriMos who choose to stay in your homes, but once again, all I can do is ask and hope you’ll join us for at least one write-in event this year. We really Really REALLY want to meet you <3

On that note, I’ll finish this note and suggest we all get going on the business of updating our info here on the site and preparing ourselves for November 1st. Just a few short weeks now until we can chant “Ready, Set. NANO!”
about 2 years ago
Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2015, Rogue Valley. I’m Juliet (a.k.a. “lockwood5”), one of your friendly neighborhood co-ML’s, meaning I’m here to help you make this NaNoWriMo your best ever! If you’re reading this message, you’ve found our Rogue Valley region forum or “local lounge” in NaNo-speak. This is the center of our regional NaNo world, so bookmark this page and come back often, because this is the primary location for finding out about everything NaNo-related in the Rogue Valley including local write-in events, plotting parties at the end of October and much more.

My co-ML Catori Lusine will also be helping you ROCK NaNoWriMo 2015. She’s been collecting fun giveaway prizes for local WriMos since January of this year! What’s the only way to get your hands on some of the goodies she’s been squirreling away for 10 months now (not to mention the official 2015 NaNoWriMo sticker all the way from the Office of Letters and Lights in the Bay Area!)? That would be for you to COME ON OUT to any of our 2015 regional events which you can always find posted on the calendar below and detailed in the forum threads on this page.

In addition to Catori and I, “Dutchess2014” in Ashland has graciously agreed to return to her role as Ashland Hub Coordinator this year which means Ashland WriMos will have plenty of word-count stimulating events to attend in the southern portion of our region. Last I heard, “Dutch” is even looking into getting an Ashland plotting party together as well. Stay tuned to the forum below for more information about that.

We’ll also be celebrating our second year of coming together for an all-region write-in inside the KC-97 Fuel Tanker aircraft out at the Medford airport. Anyone who came to this event last year will tell you, it was a BLAST! You really won’t want to miss it! This year, we’ve placed the event a bit earlier in the month to avoid the weekends around the Thanksgiving holiday, not to mention The Night of Writing Dangerously which happens every year in San Francisco. We had at least one local WriMo going last year. Do let us know if you’ve reached the fundraising goal to attend this year. Giant NaNo-Congrats to anyone who has!

There’s more to tell, but we’ll be posting it in the forum threads below so keep checking back. In the meantime, get working on your Author Page here on the site and updating your 2015 Novel Info page. We can’t wait to see what the little voices in your head are whispering to you this year. Until we post again, LOTS of NaNoLUV to all, and know we’re waiting, just as you are (like an impatient 3-year-old), for 12:00 a.m. November 1, 2015!

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