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11 months ago
I just wanted to let everyone know that the write in that was planned for tomorrow and the following week in Doylestown at Starbucks . I forgot I have a car appointment and that I was going on vacation. How the latter happens, I don't know. Sorry for any inconvenience! And remember, if you still want to go do it.
11 months ago
Hello Novelists!
Are you ready? I'm not. No seriously, my novel finally came to me two days ago and now I'm scrambling to figure out some sort of loose plot. Yes. I'm one of those that does not plan too much. Usually because my characters have a nasty tendency to do what they want.
I've posted a few write ins that I will be hosting. They're all at Starbucks after realizing that wegmans stops serving coffee earlier than 7 pm. Except for November 4 which I just changed because I planned it around 12. Ha!
I hope to see you there!
about 1 year ago
Hello, I'm the aforementioned co-ML! I just arrived from the LBC and am getting to know the area, but I definitely know NaNo! Rachel and I are ready to plan an Adventure of Epic Proportions! for this November. As she said, stay tuned!
:) Jenny aka Omouse
about 1 year ago
Greeting my lovlies!
For a second year in a row we have an ML! I've been also notified that we have a co-ML too! What luck! Currently, besides from being ecstatic about being your ML, I've been scooping out possible write-in locations what will be good for everyone. Stay tuned!
Your excited ML,

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