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10 months ago
At Artists Hand! Will be here till 5 pm.

10 months ago
I had planned on being back in Indiana for a write-in today (11/22) but unfortunately can't make it thanks to an incident involving two baked potatoes and 425 degree pan. The potatoes are okay. My hand? Not so much.

I'll be in multiple places every day next week as we're winding down (or gearing up?) and nearing the end of November. Hopefully everyone will have the opportunity to join me for a writing session at some point before the 30th. Make sure you keep checking out the Last Minute Write-Ins thread as I'll be posting about where I'll be and what time you can join me.

Happy writing!
10 months ago
In the event that Artists Hand is packed tomorrow, we'll most likely relocate to Common Place. Check back here around 1:30 pm tomorrow for updates!
10 months ago
"Half Way There" Write-In was rescheduled for this Friday! Check out the calendar for more details.
11 months ago
Have you started yet?! Don't forget about our Kick-off "party" today from 3-5 @ The Artists Hand!
11 months ago
Don't forget to let us know what days and times work best for you regarding future write-ins!
11 months ago
We added two events! Check them out in the calendar.
11 months ago
We're gearing up for NaNoWriMo 2017! Make sure you check out the welcome threads!

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