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7 minutes ago
Calendar is now live in our links section below. Several threads available to post about write-ins, create your own write-in, connect, and learn more about our kick off and finale events planned. 11 days left!
5 days ago
Quick note here:

I'm still working on the regional calendar, so check back closer to November to see if anything fits for you. Also, virtual meet-ups are definitely a possibility. If anyone wants to designate a time to virtually meet up and have some word sprints, then feel free to create a thread and coordinate for those. Last thing, as well as creating your own virtual meet ups, you guys can create your own write-in events. I'm still working on the calendar, but if there's a day that you'd like to do a write-in, create a thread and coordinate with others and make it happen! :)
I'm working solo this year as the ML now and so I'm going to do all I can to have several write-ins that work for people, but if I don't manage to have something that works for you, by all means set up something that works for you. Don't forget to declare your novel! More updates soon.
22 days ago
Hello NaNo's!

I would like to extend greetings to you on behalf of myself (Erica) and Kim: your municipal liaisons for this year's event! We are planning some exciting events for this year's NaNoWriMo and are looking forward to meeting and writing with you all. We are discussing the possible venues for this year's write-ins, times for these events, and the possibility of having local authors to visit write-ins to offer guidance and answer your questions. We're planning on kicking this all off with a kick off event!

To this end, we need your feedback. We are planning weekday evening write in's at Barnes and Noble and weekend write-ins at locations in downtown Chattanooga and Hixson. We would like to know which times work best for those wanting to attend write-ins this year?

Please send feedback to let us know which of the following time slots works best for you on weekends. Remember write-ins are drop in type events. You can stay for a little bit or the whole time.

10am to 2pm

12am to 4pm

2pm to 6pm

Also, would there be any interest in late-night write-ins such as a 7pm to 9pm event?

One more thing, does the evening of October 28th or the afternoon of November 3rd work better for you for a kick-off party?

Please send us your responses by October 19th! We will be in touch on details of the kick-off party and will have the Google calendar up with dates for our events before November!


-Erica and Kim
almost 3 years ago
Heading out to the final Barnes & Noble write in soon. It usually takes until @2:30 for the table to be up. So DO NOT panic if you get there before that. Just browse or grab a Starbucks. :) See ya'll soon!
almost 3 years ago
Tomorrow is the last nice long write in at Barnes & Noble. Kelly usually gets the table in the front set up by 2:30. He has been a gracious host & is incredibly supportive of local writers. It is now the home stretch, keep on writing!!!
almost 3 years ago
Your ML has a bit of a cold today, but there may be a wrimo or 2 at The Hot Chocolatier. Shoot me a message if anyone wants to have an Enzo's write in tomorrow. 9 days left! Set high goals & conquer that word count!
almost 3 years ago
Remember: Write in Monday at Barnes & Noble. It's a LONG one...perfect for catching up in this last stretch. They are open until 10, so people can stay pretty late if they need to.
almost 3 years ago
Happening NOW: Sipping or rather guzzling apple pie hot chocolate at The Hot Chocolatier & typing many words....well....sort of....come on by!
almost 3 years ago
Write in tomorrow at The Hot Chocolatier 5-7. Some wrimos may show up early, so come on over anytime.
almost 3 years ago
Don't forget! Write in tomorrow at Barnes and Noble 2-7.
almost 3 years ago
I have changed the calendar & it shows for me, but if you're having trouble...the next write in is this Sunday at Panera on Gunbarrel 3-7 with Kara!
almost 3 years ago
Mean Mug, the round table in the back! It's a great day for a latte.
almost 3 years ago
Whew! Barnes & Noble tomorrow. Hope to see ya'll there. :)
almost 3 years ago
Check you HQ NaNomail for Double Donation & word count day info. The prize drawings start at 9am EST. Don't forget! Write in at Panera with Kara. 2-8
almost 3 years ago
The hot chocolate is so divine here. The Hot Chocolatier is such a great spot to write! Every Thursday...and there's a delish cocoa nib infused Blue Smoke coffee here too. Write on, it's Thursday. :) Day 6....
almost 3 years ago
Gosh. I love this handy notepad! The NaNo table is in the front corner next to the journals and glasses. We are a bit hidden, but here...
almost 3 years ago
Hi all! There's slight possibility that I may be a few minutes late today, but go ahead and settle in. I am running behind right now! Yikes. Tell the B&N staff that you're with NaNoWriMo & there for the write-in. Kelly has set aside some tables near the front for us. You can also slip into Starbucks if you prefer. I'll bring the sugar skull & a NaNo sign. :)
almost 3 years ago
There will some Wrimos at Stone Cup today (Sunday) @ 3pm. If you care to join them, head on over! Look for Julianna. Stone Cup is on Frazier Ave.
almost 3 years ago
Seems some NaNo's are already at The Grocery Bar & it is super chilly today, so layers! I keep hearing rumors of snow, be careful! Heading out in a bit. Look for the brunette with a sugar skull stress ball, NaNo stickers & steampunk cat laptop. :)
almost 3 years ago
I am a wee bit delirious & heard a rumor that it's snowing! What??? Look forward to seeing some wrimos tomorrow! :) Bundle up.
almost 3 years ago
Hi Wrimos, Shoot me a message if you plan on coming on Saturday. That way, I can hold enough seats at the Grocery Bar. No worries if you're unsure. This is just so that I can get an estimate. There are lots of tables there, so we can split up too.
almost 3 years ago
Tomorrow...follow the ribboned signs! Check the calendar for parking info.
almost 3 years ago
Good Evening, The Kick Off is happening as scheduled. Thanks to those that have sent an RSVP so far. If you are planning on coming, let me know via message. :)
almost 3 years ago
Please send me a message today if you're planning on coming to the kick off this Saturday, October 25. Thanks!
almost 3 years ago
Hi everyone! If you're looking for the write in schedule, click on that rainbow google icon below. You can view the calendar there. :)
about 3 years ago
I'll be at The Hot Chocolatier tomorrow from 4-6. Come on by and say hi. Check the calendar for the address.
about 3 years ago
Alright, so I have put up the first few events along with some important holiday reminders. ;) If anyone wants to swing by The Hot Chocolatier next Thursday to say hi, I'll be there. Parking is free after 4:30 or you can park on a side street. The new location is spacious and lovely. More events will be added soon!
about 3 years ago
Hey Chattanooga!
Are you ready to write? I'll post the calendar tomorrow & send out a NaNomail. Let me know if you have a favorite place to write around town. I must say that I have quite a few!

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