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11 months ago
25.75 hours to go time! ARE YOU READY? Have you announced your novel yet on the site? Figured out your schedule for eating, drinking and bathroom breaks around your writing? Picked a write-in or two to attend? Have you acquired a balled up piece of aluminum foil to throw at MLHGL for when she gets off topic? --yourverylateandreallyapologeticMLHGL
12 months ago
Hello folks. I am your new ML. This is my send year as ML and 5 writing. I only win on odd years so I am looking forward to a win this year. I have a loving husband who supports me in all I do and two very adorable distracting cats. I will be holding meet-ups at the Bartlett Lib on Sunday afternoon's. I will be trying to attend as many of the other events as well, but I am the exact opposite of a night owl, so a day owl...anyways I look forward to meeting all of you.

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