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8 months ago
We have a regular write in at Tracy Gee on Tuesday nights, however tonight it is CANCELED. See you next week and please check out the calendar for other great regular write ins in the Houston area.
11 months ago
Congrats to all writers who put their words on the paper this month. Whether you met the Nano goal or not, you are a winner for making time to focus on your dream.

Use the goal tracker feature to set new word count goals or revision/editing goals for December and let's keep the writing momentum going!

Fern & Debra
11 months ago
Hello all,

Our mid-way through ALL NIGHTER evening of writing dangerously is tomorrow! Come out to the IHOP off I10 on south side of feeder between Kirkwood and Wilcrest from 6-7pm until your eyes start refusing to stay open. Come in PJs or not. This is a great one for making a big push to add those word counts.

Your MLs

Fern & Debra
12 months ago
Hope everyone is getting off to a strong start. Check here and on our Facebook group for write ins. Impromptu ones pop up and are posted on the Facebook page.

Hope to see you all soon at a write in!

Fern & Debra
12 months ago

Tomorrow, join us starting at 6pm and going to 2 am at the Denny's located at 925 N. Wilcrest, near I10. Come in costume and join the fun. Bring your laptop, extension cords, and materials because at midnight -- WE WRITE!
almost 2 years ago
Don't forget to join us for TGIO at Katz's located at 616 Westheimer tomorrow night from 7pm to whenever! Come socialize, network, and enjoy!
almost 2 years ago
Happy Pre-Thanksgiving to everyone!

Please note that the Plot-In Friday will be cancelled due to the likelihood of being overrun by Black Friday shoppers.

Remember remember to back up everything now that you're coming closer to validation day! Everyone is doing so super well and we couldn't be happier to hear of everyone's progress. Keep on writing! You're almost there!
almost 2 years ago
Friday, November 11 we will host an all nighter event! PJ and onsy attire if you wish. Starts at 6 pm goes through to early morning 5:30 am.

If you are behind and want to pull ahead, drop in after you've taken care of all else and write all night with us

Denny's located off Westheimer near Dairy Ashford

I'll be the crazy person with purple hair and wearing Hello Kitty PJs
almost 2 years ago
Nanowrimo 2016 has started! Here are a few things to keep doing to build your community not just for the writing but later for revision and help selling it too.

Check the calendar and attend write-ins to connect with writers in your area. If you don't see a write-in that is close to you, start your own by deciding on a place, day, and time span. Then send a message to the MLs so we can blast it out on the calendar.

Go to our Facebook page using the link at right and join in the discussions and word count updates every day. These will help you stay motivated!

Join local writers organizations that are involved with Nanowrimo and build stay connected to your writing community!

Some great Houston and Texas at large organizations to consider:

Houston Writers Guild
Texas Authors Association
Bay Area Writers Guild
Woodlands Writers Guild
Writespace Houston
Area Chapters of the Romance Writers of America
and many more in our vibrant and artistic city!
almost 3 years ago
over 3 years ago
In the Off-Season, the forum page is usually very quiet. Please check the calendar below for writing events/workshops/conferences/write-ins/etc. in Houston, and our Facebook page: for support, camaraderie, and tips!
almost 4 years ago
Please take a couple minutes to take our brief anonymous Houston Regional 2014 Survey to let us know what worked and didn't work this year so that we can make Nano 2015 that much more fantastic for you! Click here to access the survey:
almost 4 years ago

Check out our calendar (below) for events and write-ins!
about 4 years ago
Welcome back Wrimos! The site has been re-set and the MLs are busy planning fun workshops and events for Nano this year (Starred events on the calendar below are hosted by MLs). Please introduce yourself in the thread below and start setting up write-ins in your area for Nov! :)
over 4 years ago
Check out what's going on in Houston in the off-season (write-ins, conferences, writers in town, parties, etc!) on the NaNo Calendar below!

Let us know if there's something we should add. :D
almost 5 years ago
Hey guys! Please take a few minutes to complete our brief Houston NaNo 2013 Survey telling us what worked and what didn't work so that we can make NaNo 2014 all that much more fantastic! Thanks in advance for your time. ~Your ML team :D

Link to the survey:
almost 5 years ago
Don't forget! Today is the first day you can officially validate your novel and be eligible for winner goodies (if you don't have the purple WINNER bar under your name, you have not yet validated!) Click on MyNaNoWriMo and then Validate My Novel to do the official validation.
almost 5 years ago

Check out our calendar (below) for events and write-ins!
about 5 years ago
Hello Houston Wrimos! Welcome to the new and improved site! Take a look around and start earning your NaNo Badges by:
1.) Filling out your writer profile page
2.) Setting your home region
3.) Posting to the forums (Introduce Yourself!)
4.) Adding a writing buddy
5.) Creating your 2013 novel info page
6.) Donating to support Nano!

Once you've completed all 6 badges, you will unlock the hidden badges!
about 5 years ago
Everyone, please remember that the powers that be for NaNo will be wiping the forums for Houston usually on or before October 1st in preparation for this year's NaNo. If there is any info on here you would like to save or people to add as buddies, do so as soon as possible. Thanks!
almost 6 years ago
NaNoWriMo is brought to you by: People like you!

If you're enjoying noveling this year, please donate. to help keep NaNo around for another year.

Broke? You can still help us out!
almost 7 years ago
The end of November is upon us, Wrimos! We've cried, we've laughed, we've caged our inner editors (kinda?) and defeated the Guilt Monkeys (not quite). It's almost time to celebrate! :-)

Our TGIO Party is scheduled for Saturday, December 3rd, at Pecore Hall. Details can be found in the TGIO Party thread below. Come join us to have fun and blow off steam. We'll talk about our novels, our NaNo experiences, and more!

Let's pull through this last week, Wrimos! We're almost to the Finish Line! :-)
almost 7 years ago
NaNoWriMo 2011 has officially begun! Characters are being developed, plot lines are starting to expand, copious amounts of caffeine and candy are being consumed, delirium from lack of sleep is setting in, and most importantly, novels are being written!

Write-Ins have already started up across Houston, so be sure to check the Regional Calendar below to find one near you!

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams
almost 7 years ago
We had a GREAT time at the Kick-Off Party, and were excited to see a lot of new faces! Hopefully the newbies got some great ideas for their novel with "Pimp My Plot!" - or at least had a good laugh ;-)

Remember, NaNoWriMo officially starts at 12:00 am, November 1st. Many stay up on October 31st to get a head-start; many wait until they wake up from a sugar-induced coma :) Whatever you do, make sure you start writing on November 1st and keep writing!

Be sure to check the Regional Calendar below for local Write-Ins, and try to attend at least one or two during the month. Getting together with fellow writers will truly help boost your word count. For those of you who absolutely can't make the local Write-Ins, we will also host Virtual Write-Ins, so look for more info on those below.

Happy noveling, everyone! :)
almost 7 years ago
We only have four more days until NaNoWriMo 2011 officially begins! The Kick-Off Party is this Saturday at 2:00 pm. For those of you who have RSVP'd, we can't wait to see you there :) For those who can't make it, no worries. We'll see you at future Write-Ins and Meet-Ups :)

Please don't forget to subscribe to the HouNaNo Twitter Feed and to join us on Facebook. Information for the virtual chat room and virtual Write-Ins will be posted in the forum below.

Keep those plot bunnies in check! :)
about 7 years ago
Welcome to Houston NaNoWriMo 2011!

Please introduce yourself below and consider RSVP'ing to the Kick-Off Party. Also, please refer to our Regional Calendar, where you can find nearby Write-Ins, Meet-Ups and other events. If you don't see a Write-In scheduled in your area, start a thread and it will be added to the Calendar. This is YOUR forum so use it to discuss your novels, characters, plot holes, guilt monkeys, and more!

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

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