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22 days ago
SURVEY TIME: Please help us plan for the best NaNoSeason ever by answering this planning survey:
4 months ago
Time to create your camp project again for Camp NaNoWriMo in July! Create your project - even if it’s just a placeholder - then send a Camp mail to Taube or Pacifika to get your invite to the Spokane cabin. See you there!
7 months ago
Have your cramped fingers recovered from November? Has your sleep schedule returned to normal? Your social life recovered? Want to upend all that sooner than November? Good news! Camp NaNoWriMo is for you. But take heart: in Camp, you can set your own word count goal (or even a page/line/time goal if you're revising or working on a nontraditional project), so the effects needn't be as severe. Or you can crank your goal to 11 and punish yourself even more. The choice is yours!

Although Camp is a much more relaxed atmosphere, there is a Spokane cabin run informally by your Valley MLs. To be invited, first create your project on
using your same NaNo username, then send a Camp mail either to Pacifika or Taube. There is a possibility also of some informal write-ins during April, so join the cabin if you're intending to write/revise/create and would like company and camaraderie. See you at Camp!
10 months ago
Novel Validation starts today! Here's how:
1.Hover over your word count at the top of the site, then click the validation link underneath the word-count updater.
2.Copy the entire text of your 50,000-word novel and paste it into the validator.
3.Click "Validate."
FYI - No, NaNoWriMo does not keep or save your words anywhere. This includes the validation box. Your words are safe from thieves. =)
10 months ago
Don't forget to back up your novel writing! It'd be a terrible thing to lose all those words!
11 months ago
Please keep an eye on the calendar. There've been a few updates and additions, and we'll be adding the DIY locations as we get them.
11 months ago
FYI - if you have a young writer (under 18yrs, youth age 13+ can write here on the NaNo website, but can't set their own word count goals), log in or create an account on the YWP site (link at the bottom of the page) and input our classroom Code: FDTPQZQA to join this year's Spokane young writers group! Have questions? Feel free to PM me, Jayce_Grae, or ask in the threads. If my 3yrs old granddaughter can do it, so can your child! =)
12 months ago
Looky looky! The forums refreshed while we were focusing on our planning! Chime in and say hi!
about 1 year ago
The Annual Forum Wipe will be coming up soon in prep for November. Print out anything you'd like saved for posterity - or maybe story fodder... blackmail?... whatever you plan on using it for. =) See you guys soon!
almost 2 years ago
Two and a half days left to November. Whether you are frantically still typing away trying to reach the finish line, or you've already passed the 50K mark, but still have story left to tell, these last few days can be your most productive of the month. Use every opportunity you have to Just. Keep. Writing.
almost 2 years ago
This is a shout-out to all our Veterans who are diligently writing while still protecting our country and those who have protected it in the past. You are my heroes, especially in today's tough world. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!! <3
almost 2 years ago
It's Double Donation Day! Double your word count. Or make a donation and have it doubled! Or donate at a specific time and maybe win prizes! Either way, write like the wind my pretties! (Sorry, channeled the Wicked Witch there for a moment.)
almost 2 years ago
Don't forget to update your word count daily. Even if you only managed 15 new words, every word gets you closer to a finished novel (and you can earn NaNo Badges for consistency (5, 10 & 30 days in a row).
almost 2 years ago
T minus 8 hours and counting! Midnight Launch is near! Get those ideas ready for print! =)
almost 2 years ago
Eight days and counting! Are you ready? How about your Young Writer?

In case you hadn't heard, the Young Writers Program website has been completely redesigned. Nothing transferred over, so if you had a Young Writer who participated and is planing on writing again this year, please have him/her re-sign up and create his/her novel and profile. Then send me (Jayce_Grae) a private message and I'll send you back the confirmation code needed to join our amazing classroom!
Sharpen those pencils!
about 2 years ago
Where's Pacifika? She spread her wings and created the newly made Spokane Valley region! We're so excited for her -and you!
almost 3 years ago
If you are the parent of a child participating in YWP, please double check their settings and allow the private message function. Otherwise they will never be able to read the encouraging message that get sent to the NaNoMousquetteers classroom (the Spokane Region's YWP group)
about 3 years ago
Have you subscribed to the Events calendar yet? Simply click on the +Google Calendar button at the bottom of the calendared events below to get to the full calendar page, and there you can subscribe to the SpokaNaNo calendar to receive updates and additions to our schedule as they are posted.

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