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11 months ago
Lovely news, wrimos! We're combining into a veritable megazord of literary output with Shut Up & Write!™ Tri-Cities on Wednesday evenings this November! And if you need your fix now, you can even join early!

Shut Up & Write!™ Tri-Cities meets each Wednesday evening (all year!) for an hour of silent writing followed by socialization. Bring your preferred writing medium and any writing project and let the magic of focusing with company take its course. You can find details of upcoming events on
12 months ago
Happy 2018 Tri-Cities wrimos!

We have a kickoff party and weekly write-ins on the calendar for the Caterpillar Café, plus a regional Discord channel for wrimos near and far! If you're not familiar with Discord, it's a text and voice chatroom program that works on your computer or phone. There may be additional write-ins depending on local Come Write In requests and group activity, so look for activity here, on Discord, and on the NaNo TCWA social channels!

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