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10 months ago
okay, folks, we're gonna cancel the physical write-in tomorrow, the 25th (i really don't know why i scheduled a physical one for this saturday?), but we're gonna be virtual about the thing, so if y'all need a break from the shenanigans of the long weekend, drop by the discord and join in the virtual support of the virtual write-in

reminder, the discord lives here:
11 months ago
okay my fellow nano-ers, we now have an official discord server:
11 months ago
heads-up-seven-up: y'all know that you're more-than-welcome to start threads in the forum, yeah? this is all of our spaces to be writerly together, so if ya wanna talk about a thing, talk about a thing

(i mean, be nice to each other, and please don't make me wave around a mod hammer, but yeah, do the talking thing)

also, adjacent to the writerly talking, i'm going to be setting up a discord for us in the next day or two so that we can have a live-chat function
11 months ago
our kick-off shindig is coming up on the 26th (it's at the reader's oft from 5-7), be sure to rsvp

also, the tgio shindig is scheduled for december 2nd from 1-3 at st. brendan's in the bog snug

and, please see the calendar for ALL THE GLORIOUS WRITE-INS, and remember that the oneida community library and the brown county library are both open come write-in locations for all of your writing needs this november!
about 1 year ago
a little housekeeping!

i'm 'trie (sounds like "tree"), and i'm the new ml *waves*

we have a kick-off shindig set up for 10/26 from 5-7pm at the reader's loft, so if y'all could locate the thread below (or go to the fb group) and rsvp, that would be fantastic

and, i was also wanting to know where and what times y'all would like to have write-ins--there's a post on the fb group, and there's a thread below, so please let me know

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